Instagram tests sharing your location history with Facebook

For those Facebook users who still cling to the notion that they can limit Facebook’s tracking of our lives like it’s an electronic bloodhound, you should be aware that its Instagram app has been prototyping a new privacy setting that would enable location history sharing with its parent company.

It was first spotted by bug finder Jane Manchun Wong:

As you can see in Wong’s screen grab, the “Learn More About Location History” section in the prototype notes that the setting will enable Facebook to build a history of precise locations on your device, even when you’re not logged in to the app.

It’s all about letting users “explore what’s around you,” the prototype says. You can translate “explore” as “buy stuff in nearby stores whose ads we can pepper you with.” The geo-tagged data will show up in users’ Activity Log on their Facebook Profiles, including daily maps of where you’ve been.